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Prices from now until 23.06.23
All prices include taxes and fees
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Visit without spending the night

Uncover the house's secret and solve the mystery, without staying the night.

Duration:approximately 3 hours (between 15:00 - 23:00)

1 - 3 people:NOK 510 per person

4 - 12 people:NOK 410 per person

Contact the manager for booking


Spend the night at the   Mystery House

Solve the mystery and spend the night in the house's extraordinary bedroom.
Possible with short or long version.

Duration short: estimated 4 - 5 hours

Duration long: estimated 6 - 7 hours

Price (incl. 2 people):NOK 2700  

+ NOK 500 per extra person, up to 8 people in total.

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Team building, children's birthdays and events

Up to 12 people

Contact the manager to hear about possibilities for your event. 

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