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The Mystery of Vigdis Ravnsdatter

You have inherited a house in the heart of Lillesand after your granduncle Reinert. He sailed the seven seas and always loved a sailor's tale. One time he was captured by a group of cannibals on an island in the pacific ocean but managed to fool his captors by having them taste his wooden leg.

However, the story that intrigued him the most is the one of his 12th great grandmother Vigdis Ravnsdatter who in 1650 was burned as a witch close to Lillesand. This injustice has haunted your family for generations and Reinert spent his final years trying to figure out who accused her of witchraft,  condemning her to a fiery death. 

Unfortunately Reinert died before he uncovered the truth, but fortunately your inherited house is filled with many secrets necesarry for you to finally solve the mystery.

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